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"enjoy ubud in complete ways!!
wooden hut, resto, tattoo studio ...



Good food in Ubud area; Pemulan House and Resto, great plating but affordable.

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Our Resto

a place for good taste

We're not afraid to fail, it's how we achieve what we do as a team and we have a good time doing it.
We like to call this 'Ubud life!'

Our recipes are hand made and 100% essential to ensure the very best quality"
- Gus Man, Senior chef

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Our Favorite Menu

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( Main Course )
Full Heart Mandala
IDR 65K 52K


( Appetizer )
Veggie Spring Roll
IDR 28K 24K


( Soup )
Fish Soup
IDR 40K 34K


( Desserts )
Banana Rai
IDR 38K 32K

Our Chefs

High Professional Chefs

"I believe that there is always something new to learn,
in fact, that is one of the three reasons that I chose to become a chef,
that my education is never over." - Anne Burrell

Your meals is in a good hand!!


Our menu

We treat our menu as a "masterpiece"

Apprentice - appetizer

*to become a tattoo artist, you must first become a tattoo apprentice in a tattoo studio under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist to gain experiences.


It is light, but nothing is complete without appetizer …. made from fresh onion, flour, sea salt, pepper and our secret recipe.

This kind of Balinese mushroom is not the ordinary “Balinese mushroom”


Fresh salad from fresh vegetables

Tribal / Main Course

*from ancient times to the modern era, “tribal tattoos” have remained as the most used and popular tattoo style throughout the years.

rice, urab, chicken sisit sambal matah, egg balado sweet tempe and Balinese saur (grated coconut).

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat noproident

vegetarian nasi campur. rice, urab, sweet tempe, egg balado, vegetable skewers and Balinese saur.

Chef's Recommendation

this one is our special nasi campur. rice, urab, Balinese pork ribs, fried chicken wing, chicken satay lilit, egg balado and Balinese saur.

Balinese fried rice with choices of bacon or fried chicken wing, veggies, sunny side up egg, fried dumpling and satays (choices: pork or chicken).

Balinese fried noodle with fried chicken wing, veggies, sunny side up egg, fried dumpling and chicken satay.

Balinese sauce chicken (choices: fried or grilled) served with rice and Bali style kalasan vegetables.

Chef's Recommendation

the famous Bali tilapia fish dish, marinated with spicy Balinese sauce. served with rice and sambal matah.

mixed of 3 different types of satays. served with rice, sambal matah and kalasan vegetables.

mixed of 3 different types of satays. served with rice, sambal matah and kalasan vegetables.

Chef's Recommendation

mixed of steamed vegetables; potato, fried tempe & tofu, egg and peanut sauce. *for VEGAN option, egg will be taken out.

Balinese style pork ribs served with sambal matah and special Balinese sauce, with choices of rice or potato wedges.

Old School Burgers

Back to the old days

Chef's Recommendation

grilled chicken, sunny side up, cheese, lettuce and tomato concasse in a black bun. served with coleslaw and potato wedges.


flavourful grilled veggies in a bun! eggplant, zucchini, onion, mushroom, lettuce, cheese and tomato concasse in a black bun. served with coleslaw and potato wedges.

Geometric Sandwich

one is not enough


thick and hearthy grilled chicken with sunny side up, pork bacon, cheese and lettuce. served with coleslaw and potato wedges.


flavourful grilled veggies. eggplant, zucchini, onion, lettuce, cheese and tomato concasse. served with coleslaw and potato wedges.

Pigmented - soup

freshen up your day

Chef's Recommendation

Our tasty soup will makes you want to come back for more!

Chef's Recommendation

pork ribs, onion, mushroom, turnip with Balinese recipe.

pork, onion, mushroom, turnip with Balinese recipe.

Chef's Recommendation

tilapia fish, onion, mushroom, capsicum, turnip with Balinese recipe.

Vegetarian tofu, onion, mushroom, capsicum, turnip with Balinese recipe.

Optical Illusion Pastas

Mamma Mia!!

spaghetti, ham and bacon in white creamy sauce.

Vegetarian spaghetti with olive oil and garlic with a hint of red chilli flakes/slices. you can add extra topping for more flavour.
Vegetarian & Chef's Recommendation

for vegetarians, this is our no-meat pasta. spaghetti, tomato concasse, tomato slices and cheese.

Dot Pizza

Rounded but not last long!

Our Trademark Menu

special yet unique pizza created by our chef. using the Bali famous sambal matah, urutan Balinese sausage and coconut milk. taste the traditional flavour in international way.


classic tomato sauce, ham, mushroom, capsicum and cheese.


tomato sauce, tomato slices, cheese and fresh basil.

Vegetarian & Chef's Recommendation

tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, onion and mushroom. one tasty and healthy pizza

Abstract - dessert

complete your days with it!

Chef's Recommendation, Vegetarian & Vegan

steamed banana with brown sugar, topped with coconut and mixed fruits.

Vegetarian & Vegan
Chef's Recommendation


just do it!

Papaya (15K) / Banana (18K) Dragon Fruit (18K) / Orange (18K) / Lime (20K) / Mango (22K) / Pineapple (22K) / Strawberry (24K) / “Omg” - Orange-Mint-Ginger (28K)
IDR 15K / 85K
"Original" - Glass / Bottle
Chef's Recommendation
IDR 25K/145K
"Oak Wood Soaked Whiskey" -  Glass/Bottle
IDR 27.5K
Vanilla / Strawberry / Chocolate / Oreo
IDR 17.5K

Black Inks

Got Nervous?

IDR 20K/20K
IDR 27K/32K
Hot / Frozen
IDR 27K/26K
Hot / Iced
Freshen Up your day!
IDR 34K/42K
Hot / Frozen
IDR 8K/12K
Hot / Iced
Hot / Iced
Hot / Iced

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We are one of the hidden gems in Ubud

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Pemulan Wooden Hut

Our Wooden Hut

We have 4 wooden huts near the paddy fields, you can enjoy the natural ambiance and see the stars at night.

We can also set a "romantic dinner set" based on request.


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